The Grossest—Yet Most Satisfying—Thing You’ll Do All Year — Weekend Projects

By admin, September 14, 2018

It's all too easy to conveniently forget about some house chores. We may put off cleaning ceiling fans, for instance (until we turn them on and dust bunnies fly through the air, and we can't deny that the chore any longer). But ceiling fan neglect doesn't come with much of a price. (Except, again, the dustbunnado.)

"Forgetting" to clean the hair from our drains, on the other hand, can leave us with a plumbing emergency, and the hefty bill that comes along with that. So this weekend, repulsive as it is, we're going to buckle down and clean out our bathroom drains.

Although, truth be told, to me it's satisfying to get those furry clods out.

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