I Wrote an Offer Letter That Beat 6 Other Bids—Here’s What I Did

By admin, October 10, 2018

When my husband and I put an offer on our house, I asked our agent if he thought sending an offer letter, or a personalized letter to the buyer explaining why they should pick us over another offer, would be appropriate. "Yes, definitely do that," Mark Branch, our real estate broker with Century 21 Scheetz in Indianapolis, Indiana, told me. "And send pictures, too."

You don't always have to send in an offer letter, but it helps if you think your bid will be lower than those of other prospective buyers. Writing a heartfelt, sincere offer letter could help you stand out from the crowd and sway a buyer. It doesn't need to be verbose or beautifully written, it just needs to be honest. I know this, because although our letter was only 318 words, it helped us beat out six other offers.

Here are some tips I found helpful when writing an offer letter:


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