5 Golden Rules for Shopping Vintage Rugs—According to the Experts

By admin, May 16, 2018

When talking vintage, a fine line surely exists between the vintage item that makes you the envy of your design-eyed friends, and the vintage that makes you question an object's actual hygienic repercussions on your home. When the conversation becomes about vintage and antique rugs, as most conversations do(!), a whole new myriad of myths, musts and maybes are called into question— questions that are left best to the experts.

We spoke with connoisseurs from the industry's leading (and coolest) vintage rug sources: Sam Moradzadeh, CEO and creative director of woven, Benjamin Hyman, co-founder and CEO of Revival Rugs and Joyce Kong, the brand's co-founder and Head of Product, and Laura Hebden, the founder and designer behind Maven Collection.

They are harmonious in their belief that history is (almost) everything, and that make and materials are what will stand the test of time. See what else makes the list of five golden rules for shopping for antique and vintage rugs.


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